Village of Oakwood Hills

Village of Oakwood Hills, Illinois Residents

We at Prairieland Disposal are excited to be your refuse hauler. We are an environmentally conscious waste hauler and recycler. Our mission is to provide honest, cost effective waste collection services.

  Welcome Letter, Service Benefits and Other Useful Information

Welcome Village of Oakwood Hills residents!

Please complete the form below before September 15th, 2017.
If we do not receive a response, we will assume resident is choosing plan A. Please do not make multiple requests! Can sizes are on display at village hall; please choose your can size as needed since there will be a fee to switch can sizes. Call 847-381-9300 for details.

Plan A: 95 Gallon Container: $21.08/mo.

Holds approximately seven 13 gallon trash bags. Service includes a recycle toter.

45" high
29" wide
33" deep

Plan B: 45 Gallon Container: $19.93/mo.

Holds approximately three 13 gallon trash bags. Service includes a recycle toter. No bulk items. Limited service.

38" high
20" wide
25" deep

Extra toter available for 95 gal. service plan only:

Recycle Can: $1.50/mo

Trash Can: $3.00/mo

Landscape Can: $3.00/mo

Service Starts October 1st, 2017.

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